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In The End Lyrics by Drone


In The End by Drone

You're walking down the delight road
To melt and fit that pleasure chord, you said
You preached a lot of what you were
Respecting friends and taking care of them

Time's too short to bury your
Good gifts and strength - keep you alive at all
A bit in you a bit in me
Together to eternity, we said

I won't fade

A look up there, a look inside
A stone to touch, a tear to hide the pain
Buddies talk about destiny
Excusing faults that cannot be repeated
The train has left, the shot is done
The time is lost, the game of life goes on
Your curtain falls, we're calling on
Still hoping, but no encore comes at all

I feel clean inside

Man, I lost you
That gap hurts deep inside
Man, I'm calling for you again

For sure you're in for better times
So take your seat where you belong and then
Keep some place in your own line
Remember us, we'll follow in the end

Do you still taste, do you still feel
The cold, the heat, the love and hate around
Just send little signs to me
If things are still as they have been before