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The company i keep Lyrics

The company i keep by Drive-By Truckers  

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The company i keep My Mama told me, your life is such a mess
Your dumber than dogsh*t is what my Daddy said
I was just sixteen when they showed me the door
I keep their picture but don't look at it no more

My first wife told me, you need to get a life
My second wife told me to get another life
I brought a bottle and the Impala's parked by that tree
So come on darling, if you want to be number three

Sometimes I feel like sh*t
Sometimes it ain't half of it
Sometimes I'm so high I'm scared to go to sleep
Sometimes I'm lower than the company I keep

Ain't held down no job since 1984
I get by holding up convenience stores
I get by on liquor, guns and luck
But I'm scared to death which one might run out first

I seen my past in everything that I despise
I've seen my future and I'm scared to close my eyes
Is that my ghost that I see in my fears
Or just my reflection in my Mama's tears

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