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Jill - Dr. Frank


Jill by Dr. Frank

I was here when the call came through, Jill
And I screened it like I always do, Jill
And they hung up on the machine
Just like you, Jill
Well, that sounds like one of your stunts, Jill
And I'm only gonna say this once, Jill
You haven't left a message for me
In a couple of months, Jill
I'm not blaming you, Jill
This is hard to do, Jill
But I still don't know why I always feel like crying
I'm still having some trouble tying up your loose ends, Jill
And I still see life through the same distorted lens, Jill
And I think I may have said some things about you
In front of some of your friends, Jill
Well, I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings, Jill
But these are not normally people with whom I have dealings, Jill
I still spend most of my time in silence, alone,
Staring at ceilings, Jill
But you know all that, Jill
What I'm getting at, Jill
Is I can't stop not knowing why I never don't feel like crying