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Where The Darkness Screams Lyrics

Where The Darkness Screams by Draxsen  

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Where The Darkness Screams To may impulsive mortals running around spreading inane Lies
Their inward admiration supersedes there dilettante ties
I'm oh so frustrated degraded provoking a response
Where the darkness screams
Words dribble from your mouth speaking in tongues
From a syphilis mind!
Your pugnacity suggests you rate as one of a kind
Your oh so distorted, aborted, grave is the one.
Where the darkness screams!

Where is emancipation, locked away in a dream like state.
Emotions fueled with anger, volatile, galvanized in hate
Renouncing, who's counting,
What will your tombstone read
Where the darkness screams!

CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music