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In The Dark Lyrics

In The Dark by Draxsen  

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In The Dark Bread to live like animals, in the mountains and holes in the ground.
Fighting for religion, whose foundation is unsound!
Out of their mouths spit poison of vial corrosive hate
Death is part of their lifestyle, a syphilis driven trait

In bred Diseased
Incest Deceased
Inbred Diseased
Incest In The Dark.

An offer to gift them freedom, a new start in a prosperous land.
But stealthily hidden in the baggage hists a deadly plan
Offer them a helping hand and they'll take it wrist and all.
An abortion of nature, one that will haunt us all.


Once it starts it's to the death, committed to go all the way
I suggest you think seriously, these parasites are here to stay.
Racist slurs fire from the mailbox, like dogs covered in flees
Why should we be funding them, those brain dead oxygen thieves.

CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music

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