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Dead End Job Lyrics

Dead End Job by Doug Voice  

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Dead End Job Up in the morning out to work
I got this job as a cashier clerk
People comin' people going
Through my check out. not even knowin'
That I'm stuck in this dead end job.
Can't get fired I got to pay my bills
And pay my rent I got no thrills
I hate to quit cause I've done that before
Don't put it past me just can't stand this bore
And I'm stuck in this dead end job.

Took me awhile but I caught on
That I've been cuttin someone elses lawn
Took me awhile I saw the light
Just might give my two weeks notice tonight.

People see me with my head hangin' down
Going to work on the bus downtown
But I'm not worried. I got big plans
I'm going to make it big
In a rock and roll band
And I'm stuck in this dead end job.

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