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Maria Lyrics

Maria by Doug Anthony All Stars  

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Maria I love a girl called Maria
Her name is Maria
They call her Mari, Mari
Mari, Mari, Maria

She loves a guy who's a Maori
A New Zealand Maori
Yes, he's a Maori, Maori
Maori, Maori, Maori

They sailed a kayak down the Murray
A kayak down the Murray
Down the Murray
Murray, Murray, Murray

They love pasta marinara
Pasta marinara
They love their mari
Mari, mari, marinara

They skipped through a field of marigolds
A field of marigolds
A field of mari,
Mari, mari, marigolds

They said
One day they would marry
One day they would marry
Yes they'd marry,
Marry, marry, marry, marry

Sadly they died this afternoon

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