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When love is new Lyrics

When love is new by Dolly Parton  

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When love is new (Dolly Parton)


Love is pretty when love is new

Like a blushing rose in a dazzling dew,

Intoxicating like cherry sweet wine.

When love is new it's magic.

Verse 1:

Mother, oh Mother, why can't you see

He's the only love for me.

Why must thou be opposed to me

I'm asking for thy blessing.

Daughter, oh daughter, I know his kind.

You think he's handsome, you think he's fine.

He'll use your body and tangle your mind;

Too late you'll learn this lesson

Repeat Chorus

When love grows cold, it's tragic

Verse 2:

Mother, oh mother, he's not that way

His touch just takes my breath away.

You surely remember when you felt that way

When you and father first married

Oh, yes, I do remember it well.

What first was heaven soon turned to hell

He left with another the year you were born.

I told you he's dead and buried.

Repeat Chorus


He'll love me true 'cause he told me so.

He'll break you heart when love grows old.

I must go, Mother, I must go.

Then, daughter, why are you asking?

I love him so, I love him so.

Then I pray you're new love's lasting.

Repeat Chorus


When love grows cold, it's tragic.

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