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Mendy never sleeps Lyrics

Mendy never sleeps by Dolly Parton  

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Mendy never sleeps MENDY NEVER SLEEPS
Duet with Porter Wagoner
Writer Dolly Parton
Copyright 1970

Mendy is sixteen and uncontrolable Mendy is only a child
Mendy is in with the in-crowd Mendy is ever so wild
Mendy's hair hangs straight and long Mendy feels this is a must
Mini skirts and many friends and many horrors for us
Mendy finds a plenty to do but Mendy never sleeps
Mendy slips out of the house in the evening when the sun is sinkin'
Mendy is out with the in-crowd Mendy is smokin' and drinkin'
There's a different shine in Mendy's eyes and the color is gone from her cheeks
Mendy is a swinger but Mendy never sleeps
Mendy never sleeps and Mendy is growing weak
Mendy lies lifeless and limpid are her eyes now oh Mendy please don't go to

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