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Trail Of Tears Lyrics

Trail Of Tears by Dogs Damour  

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Trail Of Tears
When I come round with a bottle inside myself
An all my pride has gone, locked away on some shelf
When my instinct becomes, yeah, yeah, what was once the truth
Many moons that fade away
Well, now it´s all gone, blown away
Like the desert sand, oh, never meant to stay
Oh, there is nothing left, there is nothing here
Just a trail of tears, yeah
Trail of tears, yeah, yeah
A trail of tears, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh, yeah
Trail of tears, yeah
Open up my wounds and take a look inside
You could cover the whole land with the tears she´s got to hide
My memories cut deep, oh, yeah, with a silver knife
The legend opens up it's arms and takes another life
Trail of tears, yeah
Trail of tears, yeah
Trail of tears, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh, yeah
Come on
Well, now it´s all gone and I don´t know why
And all that remains is the pain, oh, is that last war cry
(Trail of tears), aaah
(Trail of tears)
(Trail of tears)
(Trail of tears)
(Trail of tears), yeah F
Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
The pain, the shame
It all comes back again
The pain
Oh, the trail of tears
(Trail of tears)
Bobby said that
Bobby said that
It´ll be alright
Down on Laguna Beach they used to bury their secrets deep
And Bobby always said "It´ll be alright"
So many lies

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