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My Niggaz

by DMX. Buy album CD: Other Songs INT - X

Now what ya'll want me to do?
--Keep your shit the hardest--
It's about to go down
--Niggas is ready to start this--
War that's for sure
--Niggas come and get it--
You ride or die, why?
--'Cause our nigggas is wit it--
Now what ya'll want me to do?
--Keep your shit the hardest--
It's about to go down
--Niggas is ready to start this--
War that's for sure
--Niggas come and get it--
You ride or die, why?
--'Cause our nigggas is wit it--
Verse 1
I want benevolent money
But I ain't even halfway there
To do his dirt
A nigga gotta take the back way there
What it is is the biz
And it's dirty
Place of business is the hallway
I been out for four days
On parole or warrants that would
Send me back the wrong way
If I get caught across Jersey state lines
I figure it's nine-eight
I been runnin' since eight-nine
So that's like nine years in length of time
If you speak in crime then you know
Nine years you owe
Is not nine years you gon' go
On probation or parole
More time doin' nothing
They rule ? ? writin' rhymes and frontin'
Carry niggas greasy because I'm built like that
Bury niggas easy 'cause they get killed like that
If you ain't in it wit me
Then you're in my way
But either or
You will respect mine
Or leave this Tec 9 and leave it for ya
The realest you gon' feel
Is when you fce your death
"Sorry, I didn't know"
Nigga, don't even waste your breath
Copper please, not, D why you flipppin?
Niggas know the only thing I'm really scared of
Is slippin'
Lettin' a nigga catch me
When I got my guard down
So I keep 'em up
Noddin' off wit one eye open
I can freak it
But there's gonna be a time
When I close them both
Lead poisoning
I'ma get hit wit an overdose
So I know
Drug things
Crud things
Think I don't know but slug stains
Blood blames
More gunplay and drama
Sadness to another nigga's mama
I'ma be the one that put you up a shot comer
These are troublesome times
And the crime prevails
And the dark side keeps a nigga's ass in jail
Bada boom, bada bing
Some 'o dis and some 'o dat
I gots to boogie for a minute
But ya'll know I'm comin' back
2nd Verse
I try to show niggas
But I can only hope they see
You's a little nigga
Fit right up in a 6 by 3
Layin' up like this
Lips shone, shut eyes, cold nigga
Walk past the cakset
Damn, shorty, nice clothes
You was a ballin' nigga
Till your ass got balled out
Called out
By some disrespectful ass niggas that go all out
I bet you thought it was real funny
Until it had to get cruddy
Me walkin' off
Leaving you with all this bloody
What he gon' do when it's all over for real?
And the last thing you see is that still
A blast of light
That's what he's seeing if you blast him right
Hit 'em in his face
And hear that close casket tight
'Cause it's like it ain't nothin' but ending it to a nigga
Streets screamin for life
Sendin' it to a nigga
When you're in the house
You play by house rules
Two words you'll never hear again are "House Lose"
And that's house choose
It' ain't gon' be that
'Cause I can't see that
Ready to get up in these niggas' ass real good so where the weed at?
Believe me
You ain't gon see nothin gettin' too familiar
And I would tell you what I do
But then I'd have to kill you
And it ain't even worth it
I ain't gon' build nothing
So I'm just gon let you go on be that same nigga still frontin'
Laughin' and shit
Like you see somethin' funny
You say it sounds good but let me see something, money
For real
Dog nigga
Dog nigga
Dog nigga
Dog nigga-nigga
Chorus (3 times)

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Album: Other Songs INT - X Lyrics
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