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Rasetsukoku (Kingdom Of Demons) (English Version) Lyrics

Rasetsukoku (Kingdom Of Demons) (English Version) by Dir En Grey  

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Rasetsukoku (Kingdom Of Demons) (English Version) The transformation triggered by the musk
Reflecting on the night of the hazy moon
Displaced * tricky * wicked
The cleric's eye can't see, this demon.

The road of carnage which changed my self
Lawlessness running rampant is a bull's-eye
Searching the dark through this form, like a snake.
I've been put on the executioner's stage.
They jeer and laugh wickedly.
Holding upon high my severed head, the peasants say,
"the kingdom of demons is upon us"

Manners * nature * estrangement * demons

Many peasants died.
The hope for peace was destroyed.
This life is revolting
This is a world of carnage.

Manners * nature * estrangement * demons

I throw away myself, and become the carnage.
All the people with hearts, become nothing.
Now it's too late, everything is destroyed.

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