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Berry (English Version) - Dir En Grey


Berry (English Version) by Dir En Grey

Daddy mommy sad my favorite icecream is strawberry
Daddy mommy mad my beloved kitten's name is strawberry
Daddy mommy sad strawberry pouring out of me
Daddy mommy mad strawberry poured out of dad
Daddy mommy bad strawberry poured out of mommy
Daddy mommy abuse bruise on my body, the wounds increase.
Nine years since my conception, I sleep with the cat in my bed everynight
Nothing changes I always put lots of jam on my favorite morning bread.
RaspBerry jam
Pouring out all the dark red ice cream.
I snuck a peek at what my daddy kept in his drawer
And pulled the thing far in the back out to play with.
I sneak up on my mommy and daddy when they fall asleep, shall I shoot through you first?
I'm hungry, I'll eat my favorite bread with jam, put the pistol to their temples.