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Misogynists And Party Chicks Lyrics

Misogynists And Party Chicks by Dingus  

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Misogynists And Party Chicks At first they seem deceiving as both sides try getting laid
Misogynists and party chicks may never see the day
When they give up all their prior engagements held within
Because sex and drugs and rock-and-roll will always come again
At the brink of dawn
There's an endless light
Shining from her face
After such a drunken night
Because she sleeps with such a solitude
Her comfort drives me mad,
But when she wakes and smiles,
It's like nothing could be bad
Because it's another day

Girls called sluts that tease and trick,
And guys called pigs thinking with the dick
These gender roles that generalize
Leave us sour and blind

March on Odysseus
The Trojan Horse protects the Grease
Helen's looking good tonight
Her face could launch a thousand ships to sea

Because punk rock parties desecrate

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