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Digital Underground Lyrics

Digital Underground List of Lyrics

Album: Future Rhythm (2001) Lyrics
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  1. Walk Real Kool
  2. Glooty-Us-Maximus
  3. Oregano Flow (Gumbo Soup Mix)
  4. Fool Get A Clue
  5. Rumpty Rump
  6. Food fight
  7. Future rhythm
  8. Hokis Pokis (A Classic Case)
  9. We Got More
  10. Hella bump
  11. Stylin
  12. Midnite Snack
  13. Oregano flow [hot sauce mix]
  14. Want it all
Album: The Lost Files (1999) Lyrics
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  1. On One
  2. X For Tha Ear
  3. People Over The Stairs
  4. Mind Bubble
  5. Voodoo Woman
  6. How Long
  7. Nothin Has Changed
  8. Phone Call Away
  9. Strawberry Letter 23
  10. I Been Watchin You
  11. Know Me Feel Me
Album: Who Got The Gravy? (1998) Lyrics
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Album: The Body Hat Syndrome (1993) Lyrics
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Album: Sons Of The P (1991) Lyrics
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Album: This Is An E.P. Release (1991) Lyrics
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  1. Same Song
  2. Tie The Knot
  3. The Way We Swing (Remix)
  4. Nuttin' Nis Funky
  5. Packet Man (Worth A Packet Remix)
  6. Arguin' On The Funk
Album: Sex Packets (1989) Lyrics
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Album: Other Songs Lyrics
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Album: The Body-Hat Syndrome Lyrics
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