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Among The Ruins - Die Young


Among The Ruins by Die Young

The child's mind was in upheaval
the veil of all that he had ever known had been torn to shreds
revealing a world he could not bear to comprehend
as paradise is lost the unraveling begins
we were born with a static ringing in our ears, innately unaware
but innocence becomes the skin we shed just to survive
and starry eyes will fade
as she comes to grips with the world we have made
the holy lies and expectations--the blood, the sweat, the venom of our creation
and all the illusions of freedom we can't taste
here we remain chasing mirages into horizons as glory fades
clinging to the carcass of lost love, because hope is all we have
passed through the corridor
innocence at it's end
as we walk among the ruins
the ruins live within