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Good man like me Lyrics

Good man like me by Dierks Bentley  

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Good man like me Now that old car, it ain't gonna last
Your ride around all day, I buy the gas
The more I work, the more you spend
Tell me honey baby when will this all end

Her bags are packed, my nerves are racked
She's got a one-way ticket, ain't comin' back
Oh baby, baby
Where you gonna find a good man like me

Take a look at this house turned upside-down
I hung the clothes on the line, they blowed down to the ground
I try to eat my own cookin' but it's awful bland
I'm tellin' you right now things are out of hand

(Repeat Chorus Twice)
Where you gonna find a good man like me

CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music

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