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Summer 2003 Lyrics

Summer 2003 by DIE!  

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Summer 2003 In this summer what can I see'
frienship,fun and circle pits
kids goin' crazy under the stage
seems the revenge of hardcore rage!
short fast and loud,jumps and pile ons!
you jump real high,while I break my bones!
i'm having fun with my crew when I play fast
I'm doin' it for you
sing loud! (tipa)---> or at least just shout some words!
jump hugh! (tipa)---> stagedive with inflatables!
slam dance! (tipa)--> in the slam-pit whatever style!
that's right! (tipa)> hope this won't just last awhile!

in this summer what can I see?
i stiil hate most "hardcore kids"
few true friends and that's enough
smash the dancefloor! let's have fun!
short fast and loud,jumps and pile ons
maybe next month I'll hate you all
but now it's fine,just beingwhat we are
maybe you're lying but I don't care

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