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Skate-Rock Days Lyrics

Skate-Rock Days by DIE!  

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Skate-Rock Days When the fun was with 8 bits
and hardcore was for the kids
a simple approach to them both!

was better! was better! is better!!!!!

crappy graphics on the screen
snotty punk kids in the pit
board in hand,wild in the street

was better! was better! is better!!!!!
skate-rock days,please come back
happy faces,broken decks
skate-rock days,rage and fun
i love them so fuckin' much!
skate-rock days,get your revenge
on these newjack metal-heads!


it's not nostalgic "talk talk talk"
my life now needs this old approach!
the same one of "Ghost'n'Goblins",yeah!

was better! was better! is better!

CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music

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