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Exsanguinated Life Lyrics by Diabolic


Exsanguinated Life by Diabolic

Upon Bodies -- lifeless
Heaped in graves
Reflecting -- soulless
Soon to be my slaves!
Throats split
Yawning gape
Digits twitch
Pushing through
Dirt and clay
Ever burn
Like an unholy blaze!!
My purpose -- sorcery
Forbidden arts
Rites long which have been cursed
Daemonology -- a love of hate
Takes control
I enter an altered state!
Now my minds eye has been opened
Showing me my purpose is true
The elder ones have been awakened
The storm has broke the demons burst through!
Minions --Attack!
The harvest -- of death!
My army
Of demons -- swarm the earth
No quarter
Or mercy -- just rebirth
As golems -- programmed
For destruction
I rise -- the almighty