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Doreen - Devil Doll


Doreen by Devil Doll

Well when I first met Doreen she was barely 17
She was drinking whiskey sours in the bar
And the way she tossed them back I nearly had a heart attack
Cause as it is I let her drive my car
We were galloping through the Burroughs like a pair of horny thoroughbreds
Until I said stop the car Doreen
And you can roll your eyes and nod but I swear that I saw God
In the moonlight on a side street in the wreckage we call Queens
Doreen, Doreen
Last night I had an awful dream
You were lying in the arms of a man I'd never seen
Come clean
Come clean
We were rolling into Cleveland in a seven seater tour van
There's 8 of us and I'm sleeping on the floor
And the guy who plays the banjo keeps on passing me the Old Crow
It multiplies my sorrow I can't take it anymore
Now I'm begging and I'm pleading, well pull over guys I'm bleeding
There's a Fina off the highway with a phone
And I'm calling you Doreen and it rings and rings and rings
Where is it that you are if you're not in our bed at home?
Chorus X2