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Tired of school! - Demonic Tombstones


Tired of school! by Demonic Tombstones

I hate takin tests
And waitin for the rest
Of the day to end
The same thing over and over
Math, science, english, french
I'm sick of school
What's the point!
Too much homework!
Too much projects!
Too much gossip!
Kids and their lives
Wasting them for sure
They are tired of school
But when they live in a tunnel
They will look like a fool
Of school
(so tired, so tired)
I just want vacation to start yes I do
Is like a never ending
Every day!
Every day!
School is boring
If you like a girl
And she's found out
It spreads through the school
Like a bomb
Tired of school!
Rather die!
(ratther die! )
Yes I would rather die!
I know how to add
I'd rather become a
Snawich maker
Or work at Mc'Donald's
For minimum wage!
Tired of school!
(so tired)
I hate takin tests and takin
One bad grade and you are