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The problem (Êreestyle) Lyrics

The problem (Êreestyle) by Demetri Yates  

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The problem (Êreestyle) Yeah, yates, uh, uh, uh,

This is the promblem,
U can't solve em,
Got an f-up community,
Kids think they bad now cuz they goin through puberty,
I don't know wats goin on in these people mind,
Tryna follow other people that's why u left behind.
And beef in the rap game, why we can't have pork,
We need to unite, celebrate, pop that champagne cork.
I know most people don't wanna choose a good path,
And when yo ass dead, to be honest, imma laugh.
Start paying attention, wake up, we at war,
Ben laden is doin the killin, he tryna make sure we aint gone fight back no more,
Why u tryna bust open people lips, u wannabe bloods & Crips,
If it wont for us black folks fighting back in the past, we be hung, and gettin hit by whips.
Tryna send a message, learn this lesson,
Knowing that I'm not a slave, it's such a blessin'.
But most of u don't care,
Some of yall retards wanna relive the nitemare,
Working for white folks, feels like hell.
Look all I'm saying is that being used like that is a embarrasment,
Some just aint smart enough, black folks will kill and leave the evidence.
Crazy & lazy, don't describe me,
I don't know about yall but imma re-define me.
I'm a black man who wants to be sucessful,
U wanna do tha same, imma have to test u.
Solve tha promblem,
Why the world aint positive,
If u don't know holla this,
Life aint eazy,
Life aint eazy,
God I'll do better, believe me
I'll give up the t.v
Read a book, the knowlodge will feed me.


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