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No stop (freestyle) Lyrics

No stop (freestyle) by Demetri Yates  

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No stop (freestyle) Intro)
Mic check, yeah, DJY, wat up, SPIRYDAZ 4 LIFE, yeah

Yep, here it go,
Ice on my neck look like clear snow.
But no time for brags, this is serious,
Oh DJY is whack, I don't wanna hear this shit,
Same mess, from the same haters,
Mad cuz I get mines naturally, I don't claim paper,
& yall make no sence, u just saying words,
Say u can spit but that's shit coming out ya mouth, u spraying turds.
& people try to say I cop rhymes,
Try to bring down my confidence, but yall just stop signs,
But I keep going, pushing the speed,
Wit my nigga on the passenger side rolling it up, cooking the weed.
Who ever sad I can't rap, they can kiss my rear,
And I'll take ya girl, and if she wanna go faster, imma shift the gear.
Cuz I'm a mad nigga who just don't care anymore,
& when I take this ice off, it's a chance that u can stare at me more,
Cuz I'm shining, call me greezy,
And if the bling freeze, call me the snowman A.K.A Jeezy.
I'm just a big compliment,
And yall old food, watch I dump the shit.
I dropped u on the floor cuz I'm clumbsy bitch.
My bad but u'll neva see another nigga from brunswick spit,
As good as yates,
They try to jump me before I spitted this but the hood is late,
Speaking of hood, they aint real, they imposters,
I'm the realest nigga, shoot up the whole roster,
First I ball u up then I just toss ya,
Try to shoot u back down but I just lost ya,
U dissapeared,
Cuz for u lame niggaz, the end is near
Up it's ova, now I feel a cheer,
Party time, yo hoe bring the cris in here.


Ha, ha, ha,

I'm A BEAST NIGGA, I'm out

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