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Frühlingtraum - Deine Lakaien


Frühlingtraum by Deine Lakaien

I dreamed of a beautiful garden
of flowers and meadows in may
when days passed like the golden sun
and troubles seemed far away
But when I awoke there was no sun
and the wind blew cold and strong
I felt sick and felt alone
I saw flowers painted on stone
Tried to warm up on a winter-day
and closed my eyes again
Yet spring and flowers have faded away
all my searching was in vain
You're laughing about the foolish dreaner
who saw flowers in winter...
I dreamed of the days of love and hope
when I looked into your eyes
when we sat silent side by side
when I saw you smile
Bit when I awoke...
Tried to warm up...
When will I be back in a better land
when will I hold your hand...