Theyâ??re Melting The Easter Bunny! Lyrics

De Heideroosjes Lyrics Theyâ??re Melting The Easter Bunny!

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Theyâ??re Melting The Easter Bunny!

by De Heideroosjes. Buy album CD: Other Songs RE - Z

Attention, Attention
This is an EO-service announcement (*1)
All of the dirty words since reports and persons in this song
Do not mirror historic or true-based facts.
If it still, unexpected, shocks you
Then, then, Jesus Christ, I don't know what then!

I was sitting in a sauna, y'know
Such a hot spot
Where you get in naked and al, and where it's hot and al,
Is there an Easter Bunny coming in, y'know,
With those big ears, y'know
He spreaded his legs and says to me:
“You've got a nice ribbon around your nuts”
I say: “What?”
He says: “You've got a nice ribbon around your nuts”
I say: “I don't have a ribbon around my nuts man, look at your own nuts!”
He says: “Oh, do you want to see my nuts? Oh, do you want t see my nuts?”
I say: “I don't want to see your nuts dude!”
I got pretty sick of that animal, dude
I thought, get the fuck out of here
I'm walking out,
I see the thermostat and think: ‘hehehehe'

“But daddy, the Easter Bunny doesn't exist, does it?”
“You must shut the fuck up filthy-out-of-the-womb-pulled-cunt-child!
If you open your fucking mouth one more time, I bob your scrotum away
And don't ask those stupid questions, allright?”

Right, nice, an evening in the sauna
So after that I went to the snack bar, y'know, eat a bit
I was standing in the queue, y'know, and felt something on my back
I turned around and thought:
Oh shit, oh no, don't cry”
He says to me, he says:
“Oh, do you want to see my nuts?”
I pulled off his scrotum
And his nuts were falling all over the floor
It was like: *poing, poing, poing poing*
I scream: “I'm sick of you, fucking animal!”
I grabbed him by his ears and threw him in that boiling grease-cup
Kssssss, right, nice and clean.

(*the sauna and snackbar adventure is (probably) full of mistakes, but the accent Marco talks here has wrong vocabulary in Dutch too…)
(*1 EO is an extremely conservative Dutch TV-channel)

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