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Prelude to the apocalypse Lyrics by Decrepit Birth


Prelude to the apocalypse by Decrepit Birth

Before time it existed a lifeless barren rock
Orbiting perpetually the sphere of light
Incubating life upon the jewel of omnipotence
Harmony (balanced with/with chaos)
Instinctual process
Learning continuous
Calling upon effort to survive as a whole
Life brings forth life
Through will and determination trial, error
The teaching of experience
Generating growth
The catalyst stimulating evolution blood
The color of a new beginning
An era emerges
And through the farthest reaches of the earth
Consciousness expanded, one dimensional
Standing contradicting to it's very nature
And through time evolution birthed a paradox
Two truths contradict but both exist
Nature-reality and evolution
Imaginary thoughts spawned fictitious lie.