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Hideous Reproduction Lyrics

Hideous Reproduction by Dead Youth  

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Hideous Reproduction Hideous Reproduction
I Need to Serve my function
Hormornal Explosion is Present
Ejaculation is imminent

Ancient Sexual instinct
clouding my head-I Can't Think!
Rabid Cunts - BLEED! I need to fuckin BREED!

External forces take control
guiding my Penis into A New hole
I never felt this way before
libido craving something More...

Homosapien Pleasures Don't Satisfy Me
I want to Fuck an Animal Bestiality - YEAH!

A Sabbat goat, unholy Bride
Into her cunt My Penis Slides...
Rectal tease, I finger for fun
together we Scream-As I cum!

In Pain my Bastered Spawn is Born
A Human Beast with Hooves ans Horns
A Picture of Satan's Son
At last My Master's work is Done

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