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Deadlock Lyrics

Deadlock List of Lyrics

Album: Bizarro World (2011) Lyrics
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Album: Manifesto (2009) Lyrics
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  1. The Moribound Choir Vs. The Trumpets Of Armageddon
  2. Martyr To Science
  3. Slaughter's Palace
  4. The Brave / Agony Applause
  5. Deathrace
  6. Fire At Will
  7. Seal Slayer
  8. Manifesto
  9. Dying Breed
  10. Altruism
  11. Temple Of Love
Album: Wolves (2007) Lyrics
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  1. Ghosts'n'Stuff
  2. The Veldt
  3. World Domination
  4. We Shall All Bleed
  5. Code Of Honor
  6. Losers' Ballet
  7. Dark Cell
  8. Crown Of Creation
  9. End Begins
  10. As Words To Bullets
  11. Praeludium II
  12. Bloodpact
  13. To Where The Skies Are Blue
Album: Earth.Revolt (2005) Lyrics
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Album: The Arrival (2002) Lyrics
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  1. Opening The Gates
  2. With A Smile On My Face
  3. Killing The Time With Haemoglobin
  4. Spring Awoken
  5. The More Money They Get, The Colder Their Hearts
  6. Menschanhand
  7. This Winter's Day Magic
  8. Lebe Wohl
  9. Praeludium
  10. Love, I Think I Had Never Felt It Before, So I Cannot Say That I Have Felt It This Time, But You Were My Everything
  11. For The New Prophets