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Can I Get A Witness

by Dc Cooper. Buy album CD: Action! Drama! Suspense!

I rap for Christ, no crossin' the line
I don't water down lyrics or forget the spine
I gotta come bold, cause I've been sold
On the Word that'll never grow old
Ya see, I was raised in a Godly home
And I was taught as a child who is on the throne
I learned to have faith and I learned to stand
Up for the Father, who is in command
Ya know, back in the day, I was taught to pray
Ya see, a livin' God would have it no other way
I wanna know who's down with what I say
Yo fellas, there's no time to play, so get busy
Can I get a witness
Does anyone agree?
Can I get a witness
To stand for their belief?
Can I get a witness
To carry on the torch?
Bring honor to the Father
Give glory to the Lord

Who's in the army, who's servin' the King?
Callin' all brothers to the center ring
We're in one accord, we're servin' the Lord
Eternal life is our reward
We gotta come together and build morale
Yo, what are ya waitin' for, the time is now
I gotta ask y'all, do I stand alone?
I need a second motion on the microphone
Can I get a witness to what you've heard
I need a posse to give me da word (word!)
Jump on my back, let's kill the hype, boys
I need a witness for Jesus Christ

(repeat chorus)

Don't stand for me or for dc Talk
Til ya know in your heart that we ain't the bulk
We're just three young brothers
Who were willin' to serve
Took a stand, threw the devil a curve
By usin' our talent for the almighty Lord
When He gave us a gift, He gave us a chore
Called the Great Commission, it's like fishin'
But souls are the goal of this Christian mission
Claim to be willin', yo, let it be known
Don't hide ya faith like a dog on a bone
We need a soldier who's got it in check
And a fit witness who's full in effect

(repeat chorus 2x)

I gotta say a few
Can I get a witness?
I'm talkin' about a witness for Jesus Christ
Y'all know what I'm sayin'?
It's time to get busy people
It's time to get busy out there
Servin' your Lord and Savior
Yo, He's askin' you now, "Can I get a witness?"
If y'all know what's up with that
If you down with this movement
I need some help
I need somebody to get my back out there
Because Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior
Cold did it for us
Now it's our turn to return this favor
And cold do it for Him
Ya know what I'm sayin'?

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