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Missing You Lyrics

Missing You by Da' Ville  

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Missing You Ye-e-eah yeah yeah!
(Been to long now baby)
Ye-e-eah yeah!
(And I'm missing you like crazy)
Ye-e-eah yeah yeah!
(I want u back)

[Verse 1:]
My life is over now that your gone,
You are no longer here in my arms,
Where did we breakdown, We was so strong,
I don't know where, Where we went wrong,
I had something special, Thought it would last,
Should of known better but I bluw my chance,
Now I am longing to bring back the past,
That is all I ask,

Cause I'm missing you-u-u
And I need your love
(Oouh baby)
Cause I'm missing you-u-u
And I need your love
(Oouh baby)
(I'm missing youuuu)
[Verse 2:]
Where must I go now, Where do I go from here
My world is so clowdy nothing seems clear,
Sometime's I hear voices, Thinking your there
Stearring through my window, Wishing u would appeare,
I used to feel cuddly, Back there and then
I need the feeling in my life again
If your gnna come back, I need to do it!


[Verse 3:]
You've got the power that can set me free,
Reach out and touch a special pa-art o-of me,
Your more than a friend, Can't wait to see u aga-a-ain...


[Voice faddin:]
I'm missing u baby
I'm missing u baby when are u gonna come ho-o-ome
I'm missing u, Like crazy
I'm missing u, Like cra-a-zy
I'm going crazey-ey!
Cause I'm needing u bab-ey-ey- hey-ey eh eh!
Cause I'm waitting, Still waiting

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