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Grateful For Her Beauty Lyrics

Grateful For Her Beauty by David Wilcox  

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Grateful For Her Beauty The night I saw her dancing
She moved in liquid music
Like every song that moved us
Was the music of her soul

And waking up at sunrise
With the sunlight through her window
I pulled aside the curtain
Far away from home

When she danced
She knew the music
Like the waving of a wheat field
Gives the hidden wind away

So I'm so grateful for her beauty
And I knew she could not stay

Just the fragrance of her memory
In the satin and the velvet
Time split through a prism
And I knew that she was gone

But I found the note she'd written
If my heart could dare to trust her
Through the journey in the darkness
She'd be with me in the dawn

When she danced
The music knew her
Like the instruments were listening
To the motion that she played

I'm so grateful for her beauty
And I knew she could not stay

So I stepped out on the sidewalk
And I closed the door behind me
Following a fragrance
That was carried on the wind

And I knew I'd never reach her
'Cause the starlight was the distance
But I knew that right beside me
Was where she'd always been

Now when we dance
She moves right through me
I know love is coming to me
From the promise that she gave

So I'm so grateful for her beauty
'Cause it made my heart so brave

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