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David Alan Coe Lyrics

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Album: Matter of Life & Death (1987) Lyrics
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  1. The ten commandments of love
  2. Tanya montana
  3. If only your eyes could lie
  4. Need a little time off for bad behavior
  5. Southern star
  6. Actions speak louder than words
  7. Child of god
  8. Wild irish rose
  9. A matter of life and death
Album: Son of the South (1986) Lyrics
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  1. Love is a never ending war
  2. Storms never last
  3. Gemini girl
  4. To help you love again
  5. Cold turkey
  6. A country boy
  7. Couldn't do nothin' right
  8. I've already cheated on you
  9. I hate love
  10. Son of the south
Album: Darlin', Darlin' (1985) Lyrics
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  1. She used to love me a lot
  2. You're the only song i sing today
  3. Too close to home
  4. My elusive dreams
  5. Mary go round (about the birth of jesus)
  6. Don't cry darlin'
  7. She ain't you
  8. My girl
  9. Call me the breeze
  10. For lovers only
Album: Unchained (1985) Lyrics
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  1. I'm gonna hurt her on the radio
  2. Angels in red
  3. He has to pay
  4. Ain't worth the powder
  5. Would they love me down in shreveport
  6. Unchained melody
  7. Snowblind friend
  8. Southern man
  9. Even after forever
  10. The firey death of willie bodine
Album: Just Divorced (1984) Lyrics
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  1. Mona lisa lost her smile
  2. Sweet angeline
  3. He's taking it hard (she's taking it easy)
  4. For lovers only, pt. 3
  5. Thief in by bedroom
  6. Just divorced
  7. It's great to be single again
  8. Bluegrass morning
  9. I wanta know i'm goin' home
  10. For your precious love
Album: Castles in the Sand (1983) Lyrics
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  1. Cheap thrills
  2. Son of a rebel son
  3. Fool inside of me
  4. Castles in the sand
  5. Gotta serve somebody
  6. The ride
  7. I can't let you be a memory
  8. Missin' the kid
  9. Don't be a stranger
  10. For lovers only, pt. 1
Album: Hello in There (1983) Lyrics
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  1. Crazy old soldier
  2. Out of your mind
  3. Mister, don't speak bad about my music
  4. Drinkin' to forget
  5. Gotta travel on
  6. He will break your heart
  7. For lovers only, pt. 2
  8. Hello in there
  9. Someone special
  10. I ain't gonna let you go again
Album: Rough Rider (1982) Lyrics
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  1. Pouring water on a drowning man
  2. What made you change your mind
  3. Ice cold love
  4. Now i lay me down to cheat
  5. Rough rider
  6. Take time to know her
  7. Time after time
  8. Forever and never
  9. Headed for the country
  10. Meanwhile back in memphis
Album: Underground Album (1982) Lyrics
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  1. Rock and roll fever
  2. Panheads forever
  3. Coffee
  4. One monkey
  5. One more time
  6. Little suzzie shallow throat
  7. Pick em, lick em' stick em
Album: Tennessee Whiskey (1981) Lyrics
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  1. Tennessee whiskey
  2. If i knew
  3. I've given 'bout all i can take
  4. Pledging my love
  5. I'll always be a fool for you
  6. Dock of the bay
  7. Juanita
  8. We got a bad thing goin'
  9. D-r-u-n-k
  10. Little orphan annie
Album: Compass Point (1979) Lyrics
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Album: Spectrum VII (1979) Lyrics
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Album: Buckstone County Prison (1978) Lyrics
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  1. Narration and real man blues
  2. Ball and chain
  3. Chain gang boogie
  4. Buckstone county blues
  5. The bounty hunter
  6. Shackles and chains
  7. Rock n' country
  8. Mississippi woman
  9. West virginia man
  10. The ballad of seabo
Album: Nothing Sacred (1978) Lyrics
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  1. Nothin sacred
  2. Pussy whipped again
  3. Cum stains on the pillow
  4. Linda lovelace
  5. Fu*k aneta briant
  6. Jimmy buffett
  7. Whips and things
  8. Rails
  9. Masterbation blues
Album: Texas Moon (1977) Lyrics
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  1. Got you on my mind
  2. These days
  3. A satisfied mind
  4. Why you been gone so long
  5. Why me
  6. Mary magdeline
  7. Fuzzy was an outlaw
  8. That old time feeling
  9. Ride me down easy
  10. Give my love to rose
Album: I've Got Something to Say (1976) Lyrics
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Album: Longhaired Redneck (1976) Lyrics
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Album: Mysterious Rhinestone Cowboy/Once Upon a Time (1974) Lyrics
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Album: Once Upon a Rhyme (1974) Lyrics
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Album: Penitentiary Blues (1968) Lyrics
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  1. Penitentiary blues
  2. Cell #33
  3. Monkey david wine
  4. Walkin bum
  5. Oneway ticket to nowhere
  6. Funeral parlor blues
  7. Death row
  8. Oh warden
  9. Age 21
  10. Little david
  11. Conjer man
Album: D A C Lyrics
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  1. Looking in the mirror
  2. Lyin' comes so easy to your lips
  3. Last time she'll leave me this time
  4. I gave up (on trying to get over you)
  5. Voices
  6. She loved the leaven' out of me
  7. I'll never regret loving you
  8. It's a sad situation
  9. Those low down blues
  10. Whiskey, whiskey (take my mind)
Album: Other Songs Lyrics
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