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2 is better feat. j.r.

by Da T.R.U.T.H.. Buy album CD: The Faith


I need you and you need me

We need each other

So let's agree—I'm not complete

The truth is I need you

Verse 1

Two is better than one—you know that three is a cord

Let's get together and rally around the things of the Lord

Monday, Tuesday—after leaving the doors

Of the church house—when church is out we got a reason to form

A gathering—rather than shooting a breeze at the shore

Our pattern should be gathering to put our knees to the floor

Wednesday, Thursday—this is our season to forfeit

Some of our leisure time just to see Him perform

The wonderful works of our God got to be seated before

Him—I'm talking about community life where we can be strong

That's where we build each other up—because we in a war

And we're scooping the younger saints—just to see them mature

The discipline of discipleship should not be seen as a chore

Even though we (are) seeing them yawn, they seem to be bored

We've been interdependent beings, since seeds to be born

And isolation is not something that we can afford—we need each other


Verse 2

Before we're found in a hearse—you know we can't be bound to the earth

Now, I know this is kind of home—so I'm sounding berserk

But what I mean is if we're balanced—just as round as the earth

That we can have some casual talk but expound on His worth

Friday—Yahweh gives the power to shirk

The temptation of being idle after hours of work

In the library, my prayer is that we browse through and search

For our spiritual brothers and sisters—blouses and shirts

New friends, new family—gather around the church

Break bread, drink juice or wine and dine as a certain

Way to symbolize our bond as a body—our first

Priority is to love God and out of it's birthed

An affection for one another—we're to challenge and spur

Each other on to love and good deeds—admonishments, hurts

Now cut the superficial talk—let's get down to the dirt

And really help each other change—like what's down in your purse


Verse 3

Let's greet with a kiss—symbolizing that the breach has been bridged

Multicultural fellowships are distinctive and since

The Roman soldiers drove nails into His feet and His wrists

You know the walls that separated us have ceased to exist

Yes, yes—now there's peace in the midst

And family life is the only way that believers consist

'Cause we can sharpen one another read Ephesians the fifth

Chapter let's sit after service just to sing and uplift—we need each other


Other, other—brother, brother

Sister, sister—family

Together, together—as one, as one

Let love, let love—knit our hearts

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Album: The Faith (2005) Lyrics
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