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Melt Lyrics

Melt by Danny Michel  

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Melt This is one of my favourite tracks.
From his debut CD Before the World Was Round.
Lying on my back,
Staring at the ceiling, wishing i had one more.
I imagine it's the surface,
I'm the sunken treasure on the ocean floor.
Up and out of nowhere,
You came along, combing the entire sea.
Lying on your belly, in your glass-bottomed boat,
You're lookin for me.
And all I wanna do is melt away with you.
I'm sitting on a couch,
Sharing secrets I never let go before.
Unravelled on the floor, you say,
"there's so much more I still need to explore"
While you make cigarettes, and high-school mixed casettes,
For riding in your car.
Looking so dumbfound you ask,
"How'd you get that sound, to come out of your guitar?"
And all I wanna do is melt away with you.

CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music