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The Travellin' Manic Lyrics by Damaged


The Travellin' Manic by Damaged

Rape injector, supreme subject her punch blind history
Masochist fist makes me pissed with you. break
Undirected point of fury
Executing judge (and jury)
Victimized, immortalized,
Cultured asleep, harvested deep,
Inside us all

Doin the best i can, raping the travellin' man
In them i've been all i could be, father, voyeur, paranoia
Fucked by love, huh? starved by instinct,
Travellin' man, answer the call, deep in us all

Broken suffocate guilt related,
Jealousy unbound, understand I'll bet u never could no!
In them I've been shame, the pleasures to gain,
From breaking the boundaries of pain
Harnessed, to take control breathless
Silence stinging soul

Fucking the guilt away stop being anti-social

Devastate, separate, cut the guilt away
In them i'll be, misogyny, erected, beaten tied with chains of pride
Genetically, derived gene hate
Autonomistress whipping self despair dilapidate, and imitate,
Discover it's the closest thing to being there
Cut, holed, gut pumping phallus mutilates
And loves so hard it dislocates,
In them I've been an attitude, amatory