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There Goes The Boy Lyrics

There Goes The Boy by Cyndi Thompson  

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There Goes The Boy There goes the boy from Santa Fe
Who lost his momma in the second grade
Played Romeo in his High School play
He's never been in an airplane

There goes the boy who goes to town
To people watch and just hang out
He likes to sing in the car out loud
With the windows rolled down

(chorus) And I'd givve anything to hold him again
'Cause it still breaks my heart each time when
He walks by my window, oh no

There goes the boy who made me smile
Danced with m down a grocery isle
I taught him how to dress in style
His kisses always drove me wild

There goes the boy

(repeat chorus)

There goes the girl walking by his side
He's holding her hand just like he used to hold mine

There goes the boy
There goes the boy
There goes the boy

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