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It Used To Be Me

by Cupido Motel. Buy album CD: Camera Zero

All he needs is everyone i've been
And all she needs is everywhere i've seen
All they need
Anything i've touched
And all you need is everything i've loved
Everything i've heard everything i've learned
Everything i've tried everything i've held
Everything i've felt everything i've lost
Everything i've cried
Until my whole head shrieks with grinding my teeth
Struggling to find a single word i can keep
Any kind of truth
Any kind of hope
Oh just any kind of word that doesn't make me choke

But i keep saying i will and i won't
I keep saying i do and i don't
I keep saying i feel
But there is nothing to feel
Just a strange kind of nothing where it used to be me...
It used to be me

All he needs from me is everyone i've ever missed
And all she needs from me
Everyone i've ever kissed
All they need from me
Anything i've ever sung
Yeah and all you need from me is everything i've ever said
Everything i've ever done everything i've ever made
Everything i've ever prayed everything i've ever believed
Everything i've ever touched everything i've ever loved
Everything i've ever thought everything i've ever dreamed
Until my whole head screams with grinding my teeth
Desperate to find a single word i can keep
Any kind of faith
Any kind of fix
Oh just any kind of word that doesn't make me sick

And i keep saying i will but i won't
I keep saying i do but i don't
And i keep saying i feel
But there is nothing to feel
Just this strange kind of nothing where it used to be me...

Anything and everything
All that you need
Get it for free
Anything and everything
All that you need
Get it from me

Get it from me
Get it from me
Get it from me

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Album: Camera Zero (2006) Lyrics
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