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Cuts Like A Knife Lyrics

Cuts Like A Knife by Crushead  

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Cuts Like A Knife Intentionally, unintentionally, how many times have I hurt others.
Wanted or unwanted, how many times have I been hurt by others.
W rong words spoken at wrong time can destroy friendships.
Just a few words misunderstood can cause quarrels and civil war
Some see it coming
Some let it pass
Just like a monster
Behind a mask
Consciously or unconsciously,
Wanted or unwanted,
Words heard can destroy your life
Or build it up to the power of five
Words can express true crux of the matter,
Words can be just empty husks
Will you realize what it takes
To show your face that's now in shade
Some see it coming
Some let it pass
Just like a monster
Behind a mask
And when it reaches
Its hand to you
Will you get stronger
Or be a fool

Words can hurt and words can destroy
Words can heal and restore
So don't you treat others like toys
They want to know it all

It takes more, more than just a smile
This cuts, cuts you like a knife
To get, get into your head
How people really deal with words
They're still talking in the dark
This is tearing me apart
Just try, to tell me what you mean
And what you really think of me

Words can hurt...

What is said in God's word is surely true, it can change and transform everyone.

Words can hurt...

CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music

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