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Cro-Mags Lyrics

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Album: Near Death Experience (1993) Lyrics
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  1. Say Goodbye To Mother Earth
  2. Kali-Yuga
  3. War On The Streets
  4. Death In The Womb
  5. Time I Am
  6. Reflections
  7. Near Death Experience
  8. The Other Side Of Madness (Rat Soup Version '93)
Album: Best Wishes (1989) Lyrics
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  1. Death Camps
  2. Days Of Confusion
  3. The Only One
  4. Down But Not Out
  5. Crush The Demoniac
  6. Fugitive
  7. Then And Now
  8. Age Of Quarrel
Album: Age Of Quarrel (1985) Lyrics
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Album: Other Songs Lyrics
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