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Crime In Stereo

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CD Album  Selective Wreckage (2008)
CD Album  Is Dead (2007)
CD Album  The Troubled Stateside (2006)
CD Album  The Contract (2005)
CD Album  Explosives And The Will To Use Them (2004)
CD Album  Kill Your Idols/Crime In Stereo (2003)
CD Album  Other Songs T - T
Album: Selective Wreckage (2008) Lyrics
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  1. 2nd Look
  2. All-Madden
  3. Big Boy Pimpin'
  4. Black Market Bonus
  5. Black Tee
  6. Circle
  7. F**k N*****
  8. Fuck Nigga
  9. Georgia Girl
  10. Ghetto Misses
  11. I Love You
  12. In My Pink Tee(Cam'Ron Diss)
  13. In My White Tee
  14. Pink Tee
  15. Represent
  16. Rock Her Hips
  17. Rock Yo Hips
  18. Rock Your Hips
  19. Shine 'Cause I Grind
  20. Stilettos
  21. Stilletos (pumps)
  22. We Some Playaz
  23. What Is Love
  24. Where We From
  25. White Tee
  26. Who We Is
  27. Panned Auras
  28. Everywhere And All The Time
  29. Desertbed
  30. Love
  31. When The Women Come Out To Dance
  32. Takbir
  33. The Bride
  34. Four X's
  35. These People Ought To Know Who We Are And That We Are Here
  36. Let Me Take You Out
Album: Is Dead (2007) Lyrics
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  1. Almost Ghostless/Above The Gathering Oceans
  2. XXXX (The First Thousand Years Of Solitude)
  3. Third Atlantic
  4. ...But You Are Vast
  5. Animal Pharm
  6. Small Skeletal
  7. Unfortunate Tourists
  8. Nixon
  9. Vicious Teeth
  10. Almost Ghostless / Above The Gathering Oceans
  11. Orbiter
  12. Choker
Album: The Troubled Stateside (2006) Lyrics
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  1. Everything Changes/nothing Is Ever Truly Lost
  2. Bicycles For Afghanistan
  3. The Impending Glory Of American Adulthood
  4. I'm On The Guestlist Motherfucker
  5. Sudan
  6. Abre Los Ojos
  7. Gravity/grace
  8. Slow Math
  9. I Stole This For You
  10. Dark Island City
  11. For Exes
  12. I, Stateside
Album: The Contract (2005) Lyrics
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  1. New Harlem Shuffle
  2. Long Song Titles Aren't Cool Anymore Because The Rest Of You Fuckers Are No Good At It
  3. Jesus Is My Ride Home
  4. Sleeping Androids Do Dream Electric Sheep
Album: Explosives And The Will To Use Them (2004) Lyrics
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  1. Amsterdamned!
  2. Warning: Perfect Sideburns Do Not Make You Dangerous
  3. Play It Loud Fuckers
  4. What A Strange Turn Of Events
  5. Compass And Square
  6. If You Think We're Talking About You, We Are
  7. Barfight On Bedford Ave.
  8. It Ain't All Hugs And Handshakes
  9. Here's To Things Gone Wrong
  10. No Gold Stars For Nationalism
  11. Terribly Softly
  12. Arson At 563
Album: Kill Your Idols/Crime In Stereo (2003) Lyrics
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  1. From Xlii
  2. Why Can't I?
  3. Time Don't Heal A Thing
  4. Twice Daily To Prevent Nausea
  5. It Ain't All Hugs And Handshakes
  6. My Own Private South Oaks
Album: Other Songs T - T Lyrics
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  1. The Return Of...

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