Rival Tribal Rebel Revels (part 2) Lyrics

Crashdog Lyrics Rival Tribal Rebel Revels (part 2)

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Rival Tribal Rebel Revels (part 2)

by Crashdog. Buy album CD: Other Songs S - Y

Cor blimey guvnor I'm the big 'un, cop an eyeful of this muscular arm
Being tough 'n' rough is my kind of fun but, of course I never do no harm
Ain't my fault I like cracking bones, gives me a funny kind of thrill
I can't help smiling at the pathetic moans, when I go in for the kill
Tribal wars are raging, it's a battlefield on the street
There's games to play and hell to pay when the rival tribal rebels meet
Why can't people just leave me be? Can't help doing what I do
I'll do anybody who ain't like me so forget your what, why or who
I ain't got no purpose and I don't give a fuck
I never asked for this life
If you're looking for reasons you're out of luck
I'll show you the point with my knife
Tribal wars are raging, no-one's safe out on their own
The gangs are about and they scream and shout
So you'd better not be caught alone
I did it cos there ain't nothing else to do
Nowhere'll let me in
It ain't my fault I want to hurt and screw
So I've destroyed every place where I've been
I had trouble at the local so they won't serve me there
I just had to chivvy up this bloke
Left him with a smile cut from ear to ear
But the bleeder never got the joke
Used to have a bird but I put her up the spout
Had to tell her where to get off
Well you can't blame me if I want to get about
If you're a man you've gotta be tough
I used to go down the cafe for tea
But my boot got attacked by the door
So now it ain't open for the likes of me
And we're back on the streets like before
Tribal wars are raging, our heroes are standing tall
But the truth of the matter, if you cut out the patter
Is that pride always comes before the fall
They can stand on the corner with their violence and their hate
Stand there and fester 'til they've left it too late
To realise it's themselves they've put their on the spot
Cos they've wasted the one and only life that they've got
Tribal wars are raging, everyone's acting out bad parts
Oi, hey big man, take a look at yourself
It's in the mirror that the real war starts

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