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Valentine Lyrics

Valentine by Concrete Blonde  

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Valentine You were watching me eat You were watching me sleep You were a willing sheep And I was little-bo-peep and You were looking for cracks but I Look good with a knife in my back You were writing it down and Valentine, I'm all mine Valentine, I'm all mine With a flick of my wrist and With a twitch of my lid I'll make you wish like hell With a flick of my tongue and You never said what you did and With a lick of my lip You'll never work your way up To where I slipped from My steel spine Valentine, Shines up fine, Valentine I'm all mine Valentine, Shines up fine, Valentine And I got a brick head And I got clay feet and Well I got leather skin A heart of dead lead and I'm all wired up And I got a lotta soul And from what I'm told a golden hole My steel spine Valentine, Valentine Shines up fine, Valentine, I'm all mine Valentine Shines up fine,

CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music