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Duck Sick II Lyrics

Duck Sick II by Compton's Most Wanted  

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Duck Sick II I been quiet for too f**king long so now its time to break the silence.
I start with the killing so f**k stopping the violence.
I got something for your monkey ass. So peep.
Better yet like a stray dog I put your ass to sleep.
No more faking and taking my snaps.
Sorry fool Eiht goin' step 'n get the straps.
Geah I puts my work in and f**k up your sh*t.
Now you gotta bow down and suck a fat dick.
Mmm. I guess thats what you get when you try to play.
Try to come up with that mutherf**king he say.
Or she say, or what the f**k did that fool say?
Punk b**ch, I'll mop that ass up anyway.
Dont misbehave, cause you'll be a slave.
Another fronting mutherf**ker in a early grave.
Geah, you got over fool because your ass was sly.
But a dead nigga tell no lies.

[killed off the sucker right there he didn't stop... X2]

Another fool on my sh*t list.
And now the punk b**ch wanna play games.
No competition so I'll mention no f**king names.
Just like a rat, she likes to squeel.
But you squeeled on the E, so whats the deal?
Geah, you spread rumours for humour G.
But the sh*t aint funny, so humour me.
And um, aint no more of your bullsh*t I'm having.
Geah, Tired of the f**king back stabbing.
Soul in the bozac, as I stack.
To your jaw I start to mack. Like a fool don't clap.
And um, it aint over till the fat b**ch spit.
Well the fat b**ch is about to spit sh*t.
To save your sorry ass from the mash.
So who really gives a f**k if I tap that but.
So um, when your ass is gone, they'll wonder why.
But a dead nigga tell no lies.

[killed off the sucker right there he didn't stop... X4]
[Ran through the rooms and went pop, pop, pop.]

Get ready for the last mutherf**king trip.
As I pop in another mutherf**king clip.
Geah, one more busta, another mark.
Fool your kinda fake, talking about you f**ked the Eiht.
Damn, another sorry b**ch with some street slang.
Peel his cap cause we aint from the same gang.
Talking about you'll shoot the Eiht from the top of the tree.
Nigga please, I might drop you to your f**king knees.
Try to lay low, but you know you can't escape.
Why'd you have to diss me on your underground tape.
Now you hang your sh*t up on a shelf.
Didn't you know, you'd be f**king your own self.
Quick draw McGraw, on the f**king draw.
As you scheme on my team I take 2 to your jaw.
Geah, you got over fool, but you know why.
Cause a dead nigga tell no lies.

[killed off the sucker right there he didn't stop... X2]
[Ran through the rooms and went pop, pop, pop.]

Geah, Eihthype in a mutherf**king effect.
For the nine deuce to get loose.
My nigga Mike T is in the house. Dj Slips in the mutherf**king house.
My nigga 'Times in the house, Rick's in the house.
My nigga Chill's in the house, Boom Bams in the house.
And we outta here....

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