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Headache Lyrics by Complete Control


Headache by Complete Control

So far so far away
Im sorry im absent minded
Don't put yur trust in me
I've got a weak foundation
Tell you what you want to hear
Help build your confidence
Im on a hopeless misson
Im a walking contradiction
I've got a fucking headache
My brain splitting in two
I've gt to much to say
I live my life as a...headache [x4]
Time spend involved to deep
We're not in shallow waters
Take a chance, believe in me
We'll go to a higher level
When faith blinds your eyes
You're looking for the open arms
I'll guide you in my mind
And let you sink to the bottom
I'll take what i wanna take
I have nothing else left to give
My fuse is burning up
I've got to leave this place
I don't want to be your man
Don't want to understand
You can say what you feel
My mind is deaf to your fiction
I've got a fucking headache...