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Strength Thru Struggle Lyrics by Clit 45


Strength Thru Struggle by Clit 45

Like a fist flung to a bloody face
We'll hit hard we'll win their race
Won't give in won't be a lie
Knock us down we'll never die
Cause it's a fight to survive
That keeps us alive
It's a fight to surivive
In our struggle we'll thrive
Like warriors to a battlefield
To no other fist will we yield
This fight's been hard, this fight's been long
But bruised and scarred we're going strong
Gaining courage as we gain from defeat
Don't plead for forgiveness as you take a beat
Struggling everyday in our daily life
As we live in a world so full of strife
Make it to tomorrow, we can never really know
But I'll hold my head high just to show