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by Cliff Richard. Buy album CD: Wired For Sound

Sam is a friend is, is a friend of mine
He knows just how to laugh and shout
Get up early at the break of day
And you might just catch him out.

He's got a smile and a plastic gun
And a good old cowboy hat
Get up early and you'll see him ride
Shootin' up the alley round the back.

All he wants is a chocolate bar
The lavatory now and again
A friend or two and a family who
Will love him when he comes in.

He don't worry and he don't care
About the same things I do
He just thinks about Captain Kirk
And an' he hollers out scoobedoo.

Well I wish I was not quite so old
With a house and a car and a headache
Get up early at the crack of dawn
And you might just see me break.

All I want is a rest from all the fever and the fret
Give me a ride on Sam's old horse
And I wish I was where he was at
And I wish I was where he was at.

Sam is a friend is, is a friend of mine
He knows just how to laugh and shout
Get up early at the break of day
And you might just, see him.

Sam is a friend, is a friend of mine.

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Album: Wired For Sound (1980) Lyrics
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  144. Today In Parliament
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  147. Trousers
  148. Turbo
  149. Twenty Minutes
  150. Unmarried Mother
  151. Up In The World
  152. User Friendly
  153. Wait A Minute You Fool
  154. Waiting For The Garda
  155. Watchin' The Tv News
  156. Water
  157. Waterwheel
  158. Waves
  159. Waves - Part Two
  160. Wayward
  161. We Could Be Talking
  162. Weather
  163. When I Found You
  164. Where Do Angels Really Come From?
  165. Where Would That Leave Me?
  166. Where's It Going To End?
  167. Wherewithal
  168. Who Cares
  169. Wired For Sound
  170. Witches And Ghosts
  171. Yesterday In Parliament
  172. You Knock When You Should Come In
  173. You're No Angel
  174. Young Love


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