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Get It

by Claudio Villa. Buy album CD: Other Songs 1 - Y

Don't you fuck with me don't you pull me down
Don't shit in my face don't you drag me around
Don't spit in my eye don't you scream at me
Don't piss in my mouth don't you look at me
Don't open your mouth i don't want your diarrhoea
I don't want your puke or your fucking gonorrhoea
I don't want your smell i don't want you in sight
I don't want your opinion fuck off alright

I disagree with your fucking point of view
I'm never in my life going to agree with you
You're a piece of shit that i'd love to retard
I'll kick you in the crutch so extremely fucking hard
Your balls in your throat in your eyes in your brain
Your brain in the gutter your blood down the drain
I'll kick your ass and shit on you
I'll fuck you till' you crack fucking kill you to

Don't you get it don't you forget it don't you get it

Feel my fist punch through your flesh and skin
Feel my foot crack your fucking skull right in
Feel my cock piss on your rotting corpse
And i'll laugh and i'll dance on your grave of course
What i feel is real what i think is true
What i want to wish would happen to you
I wish you were dead i don't want you in sight
I don't want your opinion okey alright
My mind goes wild when i think of you
And the fucked up shit that you put us through
You rule over our heads and you give us trash
I've got my fist in your face and i'll smash smash smash
For every broken dream for every broken back
You get a punch with a crunch and your nose says crack
The day that you die will be the day that i do
Piss on your grave and on the rest of you

Don't you get it don't you forget it don't you get it

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Album: Other Songs 1 - Y Lyrics
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