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Rio Bravo Lyrics

Rio Bravo by Cky2k  

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Rio Bravo I've seen it done like, the way the dogs do
I'll think it over, we're standing into
Your phony life and now it's all dry
Can't take it you will see
Not more than others..your phony life
Like i don't hear them,
But i'll tell you something else
When we get to the desert it's out
What we left in the past..iyt tears me up
Pulled into a truck stop..my luck is over
The plan is failing...i think not
What we left in the past...it tears me up
It's not what you're used to..
In the middle of nowhere
But i'm and old man
And i love to wander distantly
Your phony life and now it's all dry,
If it seemed that i had my self
That's a lie
Interesting Fact: This song is about an old man who kills his wife and plans to put her in the Rio Bravo river, but gets caught when he goes to a truckstop.

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