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Looking at you Lyrics

Looking at you by Ciara  

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Looking at you uh, come on, ooh wee
ladies and gentlemen (gentlemen, gentlemen)
this is a jazzie fizzle, productshizzle (jazzie phay, jazzie phay)
oh boy
ciara (oooh), (a new era) a new era
futuristic daddy, oh boy

[verse 1]
so nice to meet yah
cause everything about cha says your my type and i love it
so good to see yah
cause everything about you say your right and i like it
i cant take my eyes off you
ooh ooh you got me
thinking what i might do if we (oohh)
leave here together
ohh honey youre so fine youre on my mind

i aint gon lie youre kinda hot
you got my attention and it takes a lot
baby you turn me on
im not gonna let you lone
all i wanna do is get to know you better
im a ghetto girl that can do whatever
baby say its all good
come on now i wish you would

im looking at you
me, you, my girls, and your homeboys too
i can dig that cause im into you
so act like you hear me cause im hollerin at you
so come on baby
[repeat chorus]

[verse 2]
my deal baby
i can hold you down if you let me
baby im a rider ohhh baby
and im a good girl
and how im rolling you cant live without it
let me break it down
now your last girl she's in the past girl
but if im next i swear ill be your last girl
now dont you go thinking im a fast girl
but im that girl (oh oh oh oh ohhh)

[repeat hook]
[repeat chorus]

and i know youre getting bored
yes you is, i can see it in your eyes
that you need a girl whos gonna have you right by loving you baby
(ooohh) i said its real, how i feel
i wont let you hide from me
cause i know that youre so right for me

[repeat chorus]

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